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Настоящий материал (информация) произведен и (или) распространен иностранным агентом Сахаровский центр либо касается деятельности иностранного агента Сахаровский центр

16 января 2024 Первый апелляционный суд общей юрисдикции утвердил решение о ликвидации Сахаровского центра.
В удовлетворении апелляционной жалобы отказано.


Who we are and what we do?


The Rusty Angel by Leonid Berlin, Sakharov Center's mascot. Photograph by Mikhail Kaluzhsky.


The Sakharov Center organizes:

  • A permanent museum exhibition dedicated to the history of oppression and resistance to oppression in the USSR (Soviet ideology and myth, Gulag and political repression, dissident and nonconformist movements) and to the life and works of Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Andrei Sakharov.
  • Temporary exhibitions encompassing a wide variety of subjects from fine art to history.
  • A space where a diverse array of non- governmental organizations and initiative groups can meet and interact.
  • International cooperation between a variety of specialists, historians, human rights defenders, civic activists, opinion makers, journalists, and artists.


The mission of the Sakharov center is to keep alive and develop the legacy of Academician Andrei Sakharov. We seek to develop a historical consciousness of Soviet totalitarianism and the resistance to oppression; promote values of freedom, democracy, and human rights; support a robust, comprehensive, and free discussion about relevant historical issues, human rights, and humanitarian problems; and aid the creation of civil society in Russia.

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105120 Russian Federation, Moscow, Zemlyanoy val, 57, bld.6

Tel:    +7 (495) 623-44-01

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Email: info@sakharov-center.ru